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Launching a product? Mailroom is your complete press launch tool.

A database of journalists

  • Desktop app

    A packaged database on your desktop with access to the biggest journalists at the world's leading publications.

  • Searchable

    Built in search so you can filter journalists and bloggers by email, name, position, and publication.

  • Downloadable

    Once you find a group of journalists you want to pitch or reach out to, you can download their details as a CSV.

  • Copy & paste

    Freely copy all journalist information to an email client or a CRM so you can manage your outreach campaign.

  • ResearchAug 2017

    Upcoming: Quick function to research selected journalists to see their most recent stories, features and reviews.

  • TwitterSep 2017

    Upcoming: See writers Twitter handles at at a glance so you can #tweet at them and build relationships.

Need press? Get featured in over 10,000 publications.

Scripts to reach out and pitch

  • Mailroom script

    A script you can run from your desktop to reach out and send a personalized pitch to multiple journalists in one go.

  • Complete guide

    A complete guide to setting up, configuring and sending emails in bulk to your curated list of journalists.

  • Customizable

    Completely personalize your outreach by referencing the database and including journalists' information.

  • Works with Gmail

    Our script works with your current Gmail account so outreach looks personal and replies go straight to you.

Will be available on Mac and PC. to get an email when Linux is supported.

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    Lifetime support for questions and issues.

  • Coffee

    This project took 538 cups of coffee to build.

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